Some of The Top Prospects in Round 2 of The MLB Draft

The 2021 MLB Draft takes place June 7-8 and Round 2 of the draft will take place the second day, June 8.

There are several highly-ranked prospects who could go in the second round, with positional rankings ranging from catcher, first base, shortstop, and relief pitcher.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top possibilities for Round 2 of the 2021 MLB Draft.

When is Round 2 of MLB Draft

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft is an annual event in which all 30 MLB teams select players who have that potential to play professionally in the Minor League system or eventually reach the Major Leagues. Each team has one pick in each round, which are determined by their previous season’s records. The team at the bottom of the standings has first pick of each round and teams continue to draft subsequently until all teams have their picks and advance to the next round. The MLB Draft traditionally consists of two Rounds – the Amateur Draft and Pre-Draft Selections. In 2021, Round 2 consists of those players who were Pre-Draft Selections on June 6th. In order to be eligible to be selected in this round, each player must meet certain criteria. These criteria include being a US citizen or legal resident and being 18 years of age or older as of April 1, 2021 or possessing a valid high school diploma or equivalent prior to April 1, 2021, among other requirements.

Players chosen during Round 2 typically come from smaller schools without strong national reputations for producing professional baseball talent. All levels are represented in this round from college players aiming for professional careers to players just beginning their journey through contract signing processes who simply have good raw skills and potential professional promise with MLB teams’ development systems for them over coming years.

When is Round 2 of The MLB Draft?

Round 2 of the MLB Draft typically takes place on the second day of the draft event, which is usually held on a Monday or Tuesday in late June. Every team has one pick for each round, starting with Round 1 and ending with Round 40. The 2nd round consists of picks 33-75, although it sometimes includes additional picks determined by compensation to teams that have lost players through free agency. On the second day of the draft, teams begin to see results from their scouting throughout the year and have a better understanding of which players they hope to acquire. Some of the top prospects in Round 2 of this year’s MLB Draft include former Pac-12 pitchers Alek Jacob (UCLA) and Steve Hajjar (Michigan), former Big 12 outfielder McCade Brown (Texas Tech), former SEC infielders Ty Madden (Texas) and Hayden Cantrelle (LSU) as well as former ACC outfielder Korey Lee (California).

Prospects of Round 2

The second round of the MLB Draft is an exciting stage for teams and it can play a vital role in shaping the future of a franchise. This round is the start of a bridge between teams’ ambitions and their actual fate. With the 20th pick, the Chicago White Sox have already started to draft some of the best players and the other teams have followed suit.

Let’s take a look at some of the top prospects for the second round.

High School Prospects

High school prospects represent one of the larger groups for round two of any Major League Baseball (MLB) draft. These players may have a lower floor than college-committed players, but their potential is often much higher —which makes them attractive propositions for teams with multiple picks in the second round.

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High school prospects often possess unique abilities, such as power arms and loose fastballs, or superior athleticism and emerging baseball instincts. Scouts may have noted significant improvements in a player’s overall game since being drafted out of high school, but this can be difficult to predict in advance. Teams selecting high school prospects also get an additional signing bonus slot when they select a player out of high school, which can attract further financial flexibility versus college players who have bargaining rights and are eligible for more consumer protections depending on their selection date and position type. Common names that come to mind when drafting high school prospects during round two include prep shortstop Austin Martin, lefty prep pitcher Mick Abel, and righty infielder Jordan Walker among others. All likely fall within the top 50 selections on draft day because of their balanced skillset and relative freedom from draft rules restricting how teams use their picks. Other players worth noting from this group include prep catcher Carson Schmitt and outfielder/first baseman Payton Squier, both with college commitments but potential top-50 selections due to talent upside rather than signability risks attached to their status as non-draft-eligible amateurs.

College Prospects

Each year, hundreds of talented players are selected to join the ranks of Major League Baseball. Each pick is accompanied with a story, and Round 2 offers yet another opportunity for teams to make an impactful selection. Below are some of the college prospects that could hear their names called early on Day 2.

From the SEC, catcher Jordan Walker of South Carolina is an efficient hitter with excellent athleticism and defensive skills. He has a chance to stick behind the plate in pro ball and should show a steady bat at the plate as well. The ACC also boasts a number of interesting prospects such as outfielder Trey Suggs from Georgia Tech, a power-hitting lefty who may eventually switch to first base; Tennessee Tech’s Graham Koonce, who owns plus raw power; versatile Virginia infielder Zack Gelof; and multi-talented Florida State shortstop Nander De Sedas, who brings speed and arm strength defensively along with some pop at the plate.

In terms of pitchers, the Big 12 is home to two hard-throwing options in Texas closer Aaron Nixon and TCU starter Nick Lodolo. Meanwhile on the West coast, UCLA righty Ryan Garcia was dominant down the stretch in 2019 while Stanford hurler Will Matthiessen has great life on his fastball and shows advanced command as well as promising off-speed stuff when he’s right.

Finally, Prep hitters also offer intrigue in Round 2 — catcher Gunnar Hoglund from Florida may be the most draftable prep backstop this year and Texas outfielder Petey Halpin has quickly risen up boards thanks to maturity beyond his years at the plate.

International Prospects

Round 2 of the 2021 draft will feature a large and varied group of international prospects. NBA teams have been increasingly willing to invest in players from abroad, as evidenced by the record number of foreign-born players drafted in recent years. These players come from leagues all over the world and bring with them unique skillsets and backgrounds.

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Our team at Prospects International has singularly focused on identifying talent from all corners internationally. We are proud to provide our rankings for this year’s second round international prospects, who are listed alphabetically below based on their countries or areas of origin. Though the pool is relatively small compared to the NCAA, it’s still worth looking closely at these prospects as they could make an immediate impact for teams in need:

International Prospects:

-Africa: Giff Jumar University (Chad), Saneer Samori (Cameroon), Bernard Bwana (Kenya)

-Europe: Kornelius Vimbai (Romania), Giorgos Merihoudini (Cyprus)

-Asia/Oceania: Akos Van Hekkon (Hungary), Selena Tobin-Babbady (Australia)

-Americas/Caribbean: Leon Bellamy (Barbados)

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive scouting reports and insights to ensure that each team can make an informed decision when evaluating each player closely.

Top Prospects

The second round of the Major League Baseball draft is full of talent and potential future major leaguers. Teams will be able to find some real gems with their second round selections that can help bolster their respective farm systems.

Here are some of the top prospects from the round 2 of the MLB draft.

High School Prospects

Round 2 of the Major League Baseball amateur draft is where teams can start to get the best value for their picks, as players with first round talent are often still available. High school prospects that are rated among the top talent in round two include:

-Tyler Soderstrom – Outfielder from Turlock, California, his most impressive tool is his raw power at the plate. He’s a plus defender as well and teams like his athleticism.

-Ethan Wilson – A right handed pitcher out of Owasso Oklahoma, he oozes potential but needs to hone his command and control of pitches to live up to it. The upside is extremely high on this one though.

-Aidan McIntosh – Catcher out of Frisco Texas, he has the makings of a complete package behind the plate: plus defense, a great arm, and overall good athleticism. His batting skills may be something that need polishing in order to get it all working together.

In addition to these three are more high school prospects that have first-round talent but dropped down in this draft due to signability issues or otherwise: Landon Tewksbury (OF), Tristan Beck (P), Brice Turang (IF), Ashaki Armstrong (OF). It will be interesting to see which teams grab these guys in order for them flourish in their professional careers.

College Prospects

College prospects are high school and college athletes who are considered potential candidates to play at the college level. The process of identifying and assessing them is an involved one. Scouts, recruiters and coaches assess and analyze these athletes through various means, such as in-person visits, attending games, studying highlight reels and film of the players in action. Top prospects must be able to exhibit basketball skills like agility, strength, defensive ability, court vision and shooting accuracy.

In addition to physical attributes, college prospects must also demonstrate mental toughness by exhibiting qualities such as determination, work ethic, emotional control and leadership.

The assessment process is critical for all levels of collegiate teams; from D2 (Division 2 colleges) down to NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) level programs. College coaches will track athletes from the high school level through their respective junior or senior years as well as college players during their freshman to senior years before making a final determination on whether an athlete has what it takes to make it at the next level.

College prospects who come highly recommended may be invited to elite college camps or training academies with other top-level recruits where they have an opportunity to showcase themselves in front of numerous coaches in different settings.

International Prospects

International prospects add an extra layer of intrigue to round 2 of the MLB draft. For teams looking for high-end talent that could pan out as a long-term solution, international prospects could be a great option.

• Yoelqui Cespedes (CF). A nineteen-year-old Cuban native, Yoelqui has the potential to become one of the better overall hitters in this year’s draft class thanks to his advanced plate discipline and physical tools. He’s showed excellent batting practice power and runs exceptionally well with the potential to stick in center field long-term.

• Maciel Iriarte (RHP). Another nineteen-year-old Cuban born pitcher, Maciel has the mound presence and command of a much more experienced player. He throws from a three quarter arm slot and has some deception to his delivery which is always a plus. His fastball can reach 93 while sitting 90-93 with command throughout all four quadrants.

• Shohei Masumoto (OF). At sixteen years old, he’s already drawn early comparisons to Japanese star Shohei Ohtani as he also possesses defensive tools across multiple outfield positions and good strength at contact resulting in average raw power already. The potential five tool prospect should be one of the most sought after players by certain scouting departments who can provide Masumoto with both monetary advice and acclimation support while they wait on him over time as he matures into an elite player.

• Alex Lara (LHP). A seventeen year old lefty from Mexico, Lara is one of the lesser known players from this crop but that could change quickly if teams can get their hands on him early enough in 2020 or 2021 drafts as he projects for mid 90s velocity along with two sharp off speed pitches that are secondary weapons when used correctly in sequence. While not tall (6 foot) Lara emits confidence on the mound reminiscent of Fernando Valenzuela and Clayton Kershaw.


Round 2 of the MLB Draft is an important milestone for aspiring baseball players. It’s a chance for some of the best college players to take their talent to the next level and get one step closer to the major leagues.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the top prospects who will likely be selected in Round 2 of the MLB Draft this year.

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