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Veed, an online video editing platform, has raised $35 million from Sequoia to expand its features and capabilities.

Veed is the first of its kind, allowing users to create and share video content easily and precisely.

With the new funds, the company plans to further build its products, grow its team, and develop its vision of being the go-to platform for all video editing needs.

Overview of Veed

Veed is a comprehensive video editing platform that provides content creators with advanced features and powerful tools to make professional-level content quickly, easily and within budget. With Veed’s unique interface, anyone can make creative and impactful videos in just minutes—regardless of prior video editing experience or knowledge. So whether you’re a Hollywood filmmaker or someone who wants to share their story on social media, Veed makes creating amazing videos easy.

Veed comes equipped with AI-powered tools that allow users to edit videos faster than ever while still obtaining high quality. Automatically track shots continuously across multiple timeline points with fast edits anywhere along the way. Easily remix audio files, replace dodgy shots and make precise transitions with complex keyframe animations. Eliminate hours usually spent learning complex software for basic interface functionality such as time-lapses and sound effects with an exceptionally intuitive library searchable by genre, emotion and purpose.

The platform has recently raised $35 million from Sequoia Capital, which will surely bring even more amazing features down the line. In addition, there has been an increase in demand from amateur content creators for intuitive solutions allowing them to make great videos while also saving money; Veed is here to increase the value for their growing base of customers worldwide.

Overview of Sequoia

Sequoia is an American venture capital firm focusing on early-stage startups in the consumer, enterprise, and healthcare technology sectors. The firm has invested in the world’s biggest technology companies such as Apple, Google, Oracle and LinkedIn. Sequoia is recognized as one of the most successful venture capital firms with a track record of exciting and successful investments since its founding in 1972.

The latest investment from Sequoia is into Veed – a video management platform for businesses. Veed allows customers to create professional videos for their business quickly and easily with intuitive user interface tools and advanced feature sets. The $35 million Series A funding from Sequoia was led by Roelof Botha, Partner at Sequoia USA. Despite being a relatively young company, the Series A investment further validates Veed’s capabilities and potential for long-term development.

With this fresh injection of funds, Veed will continue to push boundaries on its video creation software with more advanced features that empower businesses to stand out with great video content.

Veed’s Features

Veed is an online video editing platform that offers an array of features to users. From basic video editing tools to advanced analytics and interactive video editing, Veed provides extensive features to help users create high-quality videos effortlessly.

With its recent $35M investment from Sequoia, Veed is well-positioned to become the next leader in online video editing.

Let’s dive into the top features that make Veed stand out.

Video Editing Tools

Veed offers a suite of tools for video editing and production. Our video editing tools include a wide range of features to customize the output of your videos. This includes screen recording, webcam recording and audio recording, customization of resolution and frame rates, trimming video clips, adding transition effects and various color filters, background removals and noise suppression tools. You can also split video clips into multiple parts or combine smaller clips into one continuous clip.

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In addition to our basic editing features, Veed also offers advanced features such as drawing tools to mark up videos and add text annotations, music library full with soundtracks and voice overs to add extra ooomph to your videos, greenscreen and chroma key filter for more professional looking presentations, transition effect emulation for cleaner lookings cuts between multiple segments. In addition, our powerful AI-based stabilizer feature helps make shaky footage smooth automatically! We also provide real-time processing capabilities so you can preview changes before they are applied permanently.

Audio Editing Tools

Veed’s audio-editing suite is designed to enable users to easily edit and create their audio projects. Whether it’s podcasts, soundtracks, voice-overs or more, users can use Veed’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to ensure the highest levels of sound quality. In addition, with a range of easy-to-use trimming, noise reduction and equalization features, Veed provides users with all the necessary components for perfecting their audio recordings.

In addition there are time stretching tools available so you can instantly change playback speed without affecting pitch to slow down dialogue or if you need that same clip to be a certain length then you can adjust the timeline powered speed controls feature. This can also allow certain effects to be added if your recording needs extra energy. And with the addition of auto ducking tools, you can lower one sound source about another dynamically as each is playing back.

This gives podcasters an edge; as they’ll be able access automated mixing capabilities on show level recordings and control every aspect of how voices should behave about other elements – be it music beds or other SFX material – while they’re working on post production tasks within their project files.

Video and Audio Effects

Veed is a cloud-based video editing platform that allows users to quickly and easily create videos with a wide range of special effects. With the help of Veed, users can create stunning videos with multi-layered effects such as blur transitions, color palettes, animated texts and shapes, and more.

The platform also offers advanced audio features like sound mixing, frequency separation, pitch change, and more to enhance the user’s video projects. In addition, it is integrated with popular third-party software libraries such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects that enable users to further customize their creations.

Moreover, users can easily preview their work on an integrated media player before sharing it in social media platforms or other outlets. Creating impressive content becomes easier with these features combined in an easy-to-use platform.

Video and Audio Transitions

Veed makes adding cinematic touches to your video creation easier than ever. Whether you’re creating a professional-looking video or one just containing life moments, Veed offers the tools to make it look effortless. In addition, the intuitive editing interface on Veed allows users to quickly produce stunning videos by utilizing our easy drag-and-drop feature and adding in audio/video transitions.

Audio transitions can be used from music production, podcasts, or videos. With audio transitions, you can alter the sound atmosphere and liven up your videos with smooth sound modifications such as deepening the base, raising the treble, and more!

Videotape Transitions allow users to move seamlessly between clips while maintaining a professional aesthetic. An array of transition effects including dissolve (fade), split screen (stipple) wipe, mosaic and 2D are available for users. Each effect will result in a unique combination of movements, bringing an artistic texture into the video production process.

Additionally, an adjustable duration setting allows you to personalize your transition length according to preference.

These features on Veed allow anyone – whether a seasoned creator or beginner – without any background knowledge on producing videos to do so as if working with experienced editors. In addition, providing intuitive controls for editing processes that were usually sold out at high costs has allowed creators to access these experiences from a plug-and-play platform which lowers cost and improves productivity – while ensuring quality output time after time.

Veed’s Capabilities

Veed is an online video editing platform that has been taking the world of digital media by storm with its intuitive and powerful features.

Veed allows users to easily create and edit videos, offering a comprehensive suite of tools, features, and services tailored to their specific needs.

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With the recent announcement of a $35 million investment from Sequoia, the platform is even more equipped to revolutionize how the world creates and consumes digital media.

Look at Veed’s capabilities and learn how it can benefit your business.

Video Compression

Video compression is an important aspect of Veed’s capabilities. With Veed, users can quickly compress video and audio files to save on storage space and better preserve quality.

Compression is achieved through various methods, including information about how humans perceive video motion, discarding redundant frames, and compressing distinct frames. This allows for faster uploads with the right quality and file size balance.

Additionally, users can transcribe spoken words into text to more accurately search for videos by content. Other features include noise cancellation, virtual reality support, dynamic trimming tools and more.

Video Conversion

Veed is an AI-powered video conversion platform that helps people enhance their video content and make it more accessible. Its intuitive user interface makes creating and editing videos easier than ever. Veed’s capabilities are powered by the latest in video-conversion technology, which allows users to quickly convert videos into multiple file formats allowing them to be shared with viewers across multiple devices and platforms.

Veed can help you create engaging content with its support for industry-standard video formats such as 2D/3D, virtual reality (VR), transcoding, 360 degree footage, 4K/8K resolutions, Closed Captions (subtitle embedding) and more. It also enables integration of graphics and other enhancements like social media sharing tools, ad services plugins and much more. Additionally it supports audio effects such as normalization, a variety of field of view adjustments, fade in/fade out controls and advanced color correction tools. Its easy-to-use interface ensures that even novice users can get up to speed quickly without significantly investing time learning complex software or codecs.

Video Optimization

Veed is a cloud-based platform with powerful video optimization, hosting, and streaming capabilities. Their advanced video compression technology helps minimize bandwidth consumption and reduce loading time for videos — resulting in faster loads, longer viewing sessions, and improved user engagement. In addition, with Veed, users can monitor real-time video playback quality to ensure their videos are always at the best possible resolution.

Video optimization features offered by Veed include adaptive bitrate streaming, dynamic upsizing of resolutions up to 4K resolution, dynamic downscaling of resolutions 30 frames per second with no loss in quality on any video content, advanced optimization of all codecs and formats to ensure optimal performance on any device. This compression feature reduces audio file size while preserving sound quality across multiple formats. Additionally, users can create custom presets for different devices/resolutions/frame rates based on their needs or upload existing presets.

Veed also offers hosting capabilities for secure media management. Users can use a range of securely hosted media repositories such as Amazon S3 buckets to store their videos and manage them from one centralized account dashboard – making it easier to quickly organize videos into folders or search through all hosted files. Furthermore, the platform is integrated with V‑Spark Live streaming technology so users can cast live events from anywhere in the world via webcasting technology provided by V‑Spark Live websites or mobile phones.

Video Sharing

Veed enables companies and individuals to share videos easily and efficiently. It offers a range of services that can help businesses promote their video content online, including real-time analytics, conversion optimization, monetization, speed optimization, automated captions for videos, and more.

With Veed, users can upload their videos directly from their cameras to the cloud without spending excessive time encoding or transferring. Plus, clients can invite team members to collaborate on projects from any location with designated permissions and access levels.

Additionally, through its partnerships with various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Veed allows users to easily publish their content across multiple social profiles.

Moreover, Veed allows users to manage music for videos through its audio library of soundtracks which are royalty free and up-to-date with evolving trends.

Veed, an online video editing platform, picks up $35M from Sequoia

Veed, an online video editing platform, recently announced that it successfully raised $35M in a round of funding led by Sequoia. This important investment is a testament to the potential of Veed’s features and capabilities, which its many users have praised.

What makes Veed so successful? First, let’s look at the investment from Sequoia and explore the features that make Veed stand out.

Overview of the Investment

Veed’s has recently secured $35M in series A funding from Sequoia, a leading venture capital firm invested in various technology companies. This latest development marks an exciting milestone for the company and brings Veed’s total funding up to $56M.

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This investment will accelerate product development and enhance the capabilities of Veed’s suite of tools. With this injection of funds, Veed will further invest into its video creation technology and develop its data-driven insights to help content creators create more engaging and effective products.

The additional capital will also provide Veed with the resources needed to scale up operations globally and increase outreach in key markets such as Europe, the US, and the Asia Pacific. It can also support a move towards automation to speed up content creation workflow processes, thereby increasing users’ efficiency and usability experience within the platform.

Impact of the Investment

The investment from Sequoia comes at a critical time for Veed, as the company looks to expand its innovative platform for creating, managing and engaging with video content. The new funding will help the company develop its capabilities and continue to build the infrastructure needed to support more users, bigger projects and larger campaigns.

The additional capital will allow Veed to develop new software versions, roll out additional features and improve support times. They hope this combination of improved user experience, scalability and speed will make them an even more attractive proposition to customers looking for an efficient way to manage their video content projects.

This investment marks a significant milestone in the growth of Veed and was made possible by Sequoia’s commitment to investing in products that have the potential to disrupt industries. This reinforces their belief that Veed’s innovative approach has great consumer appeal and provides significant value for businesses looking for efficient ways to manage video content projects.

The company plans on using this capital injection to further invest in research & development and build out core features that drive consumer adoption activity. They are excited about what lies ahead as they seek to empower brands with successful video driven strategies!


In conclusion, Veed is one of the most promising start-ups in the tech industry. With its unique features, capabilities and customer base growth, the company is well positioned to drive innovation in the market. Moreover, securing $35 million from Sequoia Capital has opened up more doors for growth and expansion without compromising on its mission of delivering quality product solutions to its customers. With such resources, Veed will stay ahead of competition and continue innovating for customer success.

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