IPadOS 15: How easy it is to use

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Apple execs have recently been talking about the iPadOS 15 and its new features, such as multitasking, Universal Control, and more. In the interview, they described how the iPadOS 15 makes it easier for professionals and general consumers to use.

This article will explore what the Apple execs have been discussing and how the iPadOS 15 will make a difference in the computing world.

Overview of iPadOS 15

iPadOS 15 has been released with a host of new features and improvements. It’s important to understand these changes before using it. This guide will give you a brief overview of the new iPadOS 15, so you can see how easy it is to use and navigate your device.

iPadOS 15 includes improved user interfaces for Apple apps like Safari, Photos and Files. A greater focus on multitasking allows users to work on multiple apps at once, allowing workflows to be completed faster and more easily. The app switcher now supports split view, which means two apps can be used simultaneously. With Slide Over, users can access an app in full-screen mode, with the ability to quickly switch between multiple apps with just a swipe. In addition, command-Tab will allow quick access from one app to another when using an external keyboard.

The home screen now allows widgets for personalized content like calendar reminders or recently used documents from an app such as Notes or Finder; users can even customize the layout of their home screen by dropping widgets onto their main page or placing them in different groups located near the Dock or within folders in the App Library. In addition, iPadOS 15 includes improved Search capabilities that allow users to quickly locate items anywhere on their device; Picture-in-Picture mode allows playback of videos while other tasks are being done; and lots of new gestures that interact with content easier and faster than ever before.

Apple execs address iPadOS 15, talk multitasking, Universal Control, and more in interview

In a recent interview, Apple executives recently discussed iPadOS 15, the latest iteration of their iPad-specific operating system. They spoke about the exciting new features, such as multitasking, Universal Control, and more.

Here, we’ll dig deeper into the interview and discuss how easy iPadOS 15 is to use.

Multitasking capabilities

The debut of iPadOS 15 opened up exciting new possibilities regarding multitasking capabilities. From Apple executives’ comments during the announcements today, it is clear that the focus is on making tablet usage easier for users on all types of devices. According to frontline employees, iPadOS 15 “enhances the speed and responsiveness” of multitasking by introducing multiple taskbars, Split View, and drag-and-drop multitasking features.

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Multiple Taskbars will allow users to create one taskbar per app with a single swipe to quickly access their most common actions. This also allows users to manage multiple windows of an app at once. Meanwhile, Split View lets users multitask by running two apps simultaneously or in full screen mode. In addition, a simplified drag-and-drop multitasking feature will empower users to easily move items between windows without leaving the current window mode or opening a separate window each time they need something. Finally, App Exposé has enhanced gesture control capabilities making it even more simple to open and close apps while continuing their work on an ongoing project with existing windows left untouched and accessible from below.

IPadOS 15 was designed with busy professionals interested in iOS devices in mind; however, casual users can also take advantage of these new features—ultimately opening up possibilities for increased productivity and ease in everyday tablet use across all levels of users.

Universal Control

Apple executives have touted the improved universal control capabilities of iPadOS 15 and what it offers consumers. The new iPadOS 15 will allow users to control their entire workspace with a single swiping gesture across their MacBook, iPhone, and iPad devices. Instead of reaching across multiple devices, users can access all the necessary items without hassle. Curiously enough, it was noted that if two separate sets of compatible Apple products were connected to the same router, they could also share input tools such as mice and keyboards as though they were linked together.

Besides the new universal control feature, Apple has also promised advancements in multitasking support, providing better switching between apps while using multiple windows or “spaces”. The splash screen UI will also be updated with more vivid colors, providing a more contemporary look for the iPad. In addition, Apple has reported that users won’t be required to manage storage concerns on their devices as iPadOS 15 will automatically move non-essential apps and data from an iCloud drive when needed. Lastly, a few features for enterprise customers have been added, such as custom server configuration and better encryption for end-to-end communication channels.

Improved accessibility features

At the launch event of iPadOS 15, Apple executives discussed updates specifically related to accessibility features. Apple stated that nearly 500 million users worldwide will benefit from iPadOS 15’s improved accessibility features.

The company highlighted various accessibility changes, including enhancements to VoiceOver, Expandable Pointer sizes and activities designed to make it easier for users with physical or cognitive challenges to use their device. Specifically, iPadOS 15 will include:

• Increased VoiceOver speed: This feature lets users control their devices with just their voice and access tools such as text-to-speech and picture elements. With faster voice recognition speeds, tasks can be completed quickly and easily.

• Magnifier support: When using the Magnifier tool on iPadOS 15, users will enjoy more image detail when zooming in on items such as text or images. It also has improved contrast filters that provide sharper visuals for certain users.

• Customizable gestures: Settings allow users who may have trouble using traditional gestures to customize them so they are easier to complete intuitively without complications.

• Transcription support built into apps: Users can get real-time captions while typing or speaking into supported apps like Notes and Mail. Additionally, these captions can be edited and personalized if the user desires..

These advancements offer an intuitive user experience across various types of mobility needs and preferences — allowing everyone who uses an iPad to take advantage of this new OS version regardless of their physical condition or capabilities.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Apple Execs recently discussed the advantages of the latest iPadOS 15 and they shared insight into how easy it is to use. From the Universal Control feature, to multitasking and more, they highlighted the capabilities of iPadOS 15 and what users could expect from it.

Let’s take a closer look at the usability of the iPadOS 15 system.

User experience

Apple’s iPadOS 15 promises enhanced user experience, smoothing the use of iPads more productively and intuitively than ever before. The latest version of iPadOS has been built to make it easier to do all the tasks that users need, while also providing new and improved capabilities.

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Some key features include Multi-window and App Exposé, where multiple apps can be used side by side; improved multi user support with better parental controls; customisable Home screen layouts; QuickPath keyboard for one-handed typing; Sidebars for quick reference; grouped notifications for a more organized and efficient experience; Quick Shortcuts accessible through Siri Suggestions; an improved Safari web browser with new functionalities such as tab groups, per website settings, translated pages and a download manager for large files; Spatial audio support for movies and other media in AirPods Pro headphones; support for Apple Pencil gestures in apps like Messages or Mail to quickly draw text or signatures.

These features make operating an iPad device easier than ever, with multitasking abilities being strongly enhanced. On top of this, improved gesture controls that come with iPadOS 15 give users even more precise capabilities when interacting with their device. Combined these features let users benefit from what could easily be described as an effortless user experience.

Customization options

iPadOS 15 offers a wide range of customization options for the user’s device. An array of quick action menus on the home screens includes features such as one-touch shortcuts to frequently used apps and helpful tools like “recently opened” that let users open their recently used documents and webpages with a single tap.

The iPad also offers a variety of multitasking options that allow users to view multiple apps side by side or layer them on top of one another. In addition, the split-screen feature allows users to work in multiple apps simultaneously, while the drag and drop function helps move information between different pages quickly and easily.

Furthermore, iPadOS 15 also has some amazing personalization options. For example, users can customize their home screen layout with widgets, customize the app drawer with various sorting options or switch up their wallpaper with preloaded designs or user-provided images to make the device feel like theirs.

Users also have access to Siri Shortcuts, which allow them to automate certain tasks and activities, such as opening certain apps or performing frequent searches using voice commands, and open two different browser tabs simultaneously for a true multitasking experience. In addition, users can take advantage of Screen Time-supported features like App Limits and Content & Privacy Restrictions for an added control over what people can do on their device.

Navigation and gestures

Navigating around iPadOS 15 is easy for new users. With the Home screen, you can quickly access all your open apps and folders with a swipe. You can trigger buttons, menus, and other options by touching and holding certain areas. Quickly switch between apps, multitask, or look up information with simple gestures. You can customize your home screen to suit your needs by drag-and-dropping icons and creating folders containing multiple apps.

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The iPad has a range of helpful gestures that make it easy to navigate around OS 15. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to unlock or return to an app. Swiping down from the top right brings up Control Center – a handy panel that provides quick access to music controls, AirPlay settings, brightness settings, Do Not Disturb mode and more. Swiping left or right with four fingers will switch between open apps on the same display very quickly; ideal for multitasking!


After hearing from Apple execs about iPadOS 15’s new multitasking feature, Universal Control, and other updates, it’s easy to see why iPadOS 15 is a powerful operating system.

With its improved multitasking and enhanced user experience, the latest iPadOS will satisfy users’ needs.

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