Avantages of iPadOS 15 for businesses and educators

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The introduction of iPadOS 15 has been highly anticipated since Apple executives discussed the platform improvements in a recent interview. iPadOS 15 brings new features that promise to benefit businesses and educators alike, including enhancements to productivity and creativity, enhanced security measures, and improved collaboration capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look at how iPadOS 15 can benefit businesses and educators.

Apple executives address iPadOS 15 in new interview – Marseille News

In a recent interview, Apple executives Phil Schiller, Greg Joswiak, and Kaiann Drance discussed the latest iPadOS 15 advancements for businesses and educators. They outlined several improvements that have been made to the operating system with a focus on increased performance and enhanced security.

Apple has taken an active approach to improving multitasking capabilities with iPadOS 15 by introducing features such as Slide Over support for all sizes of iPads (from 9.7-inch to 12.9-inch), allowing users to work on two apps side by side in landscape mode. Additionally, more spaced out folders, a redesigned notification center and widgets allow users to better organize their files and stay up-to-date on notifications at a glance.

The App Library provides one place for users to access all their apps, including the ability to group them into folders. In addition, picture in Picture offers an intuitive way for people to use multiple apps or watch videos while staying productive; this feature works especially well with Apple’s video content like music videos or movie trailers from the iTunes Store.

The executives also spoke about how iPadOS 15 will make it easier for businesses and educators alike to manage Apple devices in their organizations as AirPlay Ecosystem can now be used as a tool for sharing presentations seamlessly between multiple devices connected over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0+ networks without any interruption of service or network downtime. Furthermore, integration with Apps like Zoom via enhanced APIs provides new possibilities for distance learning and business collaborations with remote teams.

Business Benefits

In an interview, Apple executives recently addressed the new iPadOS 15, highlighting the many advantages it can provide businesses and educators.

iPadOS 15 is the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, designed to be a more powerful and intuitive platform to help businesses achieve their goals. From multitasking capabilities to enterprise-level security, iPadOS 15 has many features that can benefit big and small businesses.

Let’s explore some of the business advantages of iPadOS 15.

Improved multitasking capabilities

Apple has announced an upcoming version of iPadOS 15 with improved multitasking capabilities. With this update, users can now experience simplified navigation between multiple open apps and seamless drag and drop functions between windows. These improved multitasking capabilities on iPadOS 15 make it much easier for businesses to control workflows, and for educators to access multiple teaching materials simultaneously.

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The enhanced multitasking capabilities include:

  • Improved ability to switch between two open apps by simply sliding the screen left or right
  • Split view now supports up to four apps at once, allowing users to have multiple windows open while maintaining a visible overview of their workspace
  • The ‘App Exposé’ feature provides an organized view of the user’s active applications at a glance
  • Easily rearrange files, data and documents by dragging them within a window or across separate windows
  • Reduce visual clutter by utilizing a new feature which allows users to adjust the size of split view panels
  • Use the Dock feature for quicker access to frequently used apps

Enhanced security and privacy features

Businesses and educators now have more control over how their data is used with the new security and privacy features of iPadOS 15. The powerful new suite of tools provides comprehensive device and user protection against external access and threats. In addition, Apple’s app review process ensures that all apps are safe to download, while its VPN service encrypts user activity at all times.

With a focus on intuitive design, data can now be easily securely shared between devices. Moreover, utilizing their advanced intelligence capabilities, iPads running iPadOS 15 will now be able to detect suspicious behavior from authorized users in real-time and alert managers or IT personnel accordingly.

Additionally, features like end-to-end encryption are implemented for safeguarding communications between Apple products in transit. With these enhancements in security, businesses can now rest assured that their sensitive internal data remains secure at all times.

Improved Apple Pencil integration

The integration of the Apple Pencil, now in its second generation, has seen major improvements in iPadOS 15. Businesses and educators can benefit from the device’s increased precision and low latency, making writing and drawing smoother and more realistic than ever before.

The Apple Pencil also includes tilt-aware pressure sensing for a natural pen-on-paper feel. As a result, annotations can be more precise than ever with smoother curves and greater range and brush quality for fluid movements when drawing or writing. The Apple Pencil also has improved performance when used simultaneously with other input sources such as keyboards or trackpads on iPadOS 15 devices.

Businesses will find further benefits with improved tools for marking up documents across applications such as Preview, Notes, Mail and Files thus increasing productivity for those who need to quickly annotate documents or respond to emails. In addition, this performance improvement means annotations are virtually instantaneously applied to documents much faster than prior versions of iPadOS resulting in greater efficiency.

Educators can also benefit from this update with improved integration of the *ShareSheet* feature which makes it easy to share projects directly onto digital whiteboards or student iPads remotely from an instructor’s device providing flexibility to effectively teach remotely. In addition, the significant updates made to the Apple Pencil through iPadOS 15 will significantly enhance collaboration between teachers and students allowing distance learning activities to become more effective and efficient for all involved.

Education Benefits

Apple executives recently addressed the new iPadOS 15 in an interview with Marseille News. iPadOS 15 provides many new features that can help businesses and educators. These features can help increase productivity and make it easier for educators to teach students.

Let’s take a look at the education benefits of iPadOS 15.

Easy access to educational content

Businesses and educators can benefit from Apple’s iPadOS 15, which provides the best platform for deploying academic materials to classrooms and staff. With its easy access to educational content, teachers and students get an immersive classroom experience wherever they are. This includes accessing documents, e-books, courseware, simulations, and interactive activities on their iPads.

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Through the Schoolwork app in iPadOS 15, task management is simplified so that teachers can easily assign tasks to classes. It also allows them to track their students’ progress quickly and efficiently with real-time views meant especially for educators.

Not only that but it allows businesses & educators access to a world of truly amazing apps dedicated exclusively to education – there’s something useful here for every grade level!

Improved support for remote learning

The new iPadOS 15 brings a variety of improved support for remote learning to help teachers and businesses manage educational material better and provide better usability for students.

For businesses, it includes features such as the ability to share lessons between people in a classroom without the need for physical proximity or additional hardware. This allows students to work on educational content at their own pace, reducing the need for direct instruction. In addition, iPadOS 15 supports screen sharing and dual-view mode so that instructors can see and guide multiple students while each student can still view their screen.

For educators, iPadOS 15 provides an enhanced Apple Classroom experience. For example, teachers now can broadcast their screen wirelessly with AirPlay—allowing them to display lesson materials and demonstrations with ease—and use multi-person whiteboarding capabilities to help drive collaborative learning activities with students remotely. In addition, it brings new built-in shared documents management capabilities that make it easier for educators to distribute digital materials directly from their device rather than uploading them beforehand on another device or platform. And thanks to Apple’s split view feature, teachers can move seamlessly between lectures and feedback sessions on different apps at once instead of having them change focus or context – all while being able to track student progress in real time using tools like Class Dojo or PowerSchool Connect.

Enhanced collaboration tools

The iPadOS 15 operating system provides several enhanced collaboration tools that make working with multiple people on the same task easier. The new Sidecar feature enables users to extend their iPad display to a Mac, providing an enhanced workspace for real-time remote collaboration. With enhancements to Apple Pencil, users can now draw and annotate remotely together and have notes automatically synced across all devices, even if they are running different operating systems.

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The new shared Smart Keyboard Folio allows two users to share one keyboard with improved tools that streamline collaboration and increase productivity. Shared Previews, which makes it easier for multiple educators or students to securely preview the others’ work beyond viewing screen recordings, is also included in the new OS update.

The latest version of iPadOS also introduces enhancements in multitasking such as Tabbed Editing – allowing you to group related tabs into one consolidated window – and full-screen split view which enables multiple apps or documents inside a single window for easy reference by colleagues on the same project. With features like these that provide users with improved options for “working together apart”, iPadOS 15 can be an amazing tool for businesses and schools that need modern solutions while keeping up with the times.


iPadOS 15 presents numerous opportunities for businesses and educators. Apple executives have addressed some of the main new features in a recent interview, touching on the iPad’s improved multitasking, continuity, and unlocked potential.

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