The Difference Between Home And Away Pool Tables

Are you searching for the perfect set of billiard balls? Do you want to know the difference between home and away sets?

Whether you’re a recreational or professional player, this article will guide you in making the best choice for your billiard needs. Experience ultimate accuracy and precision with a set from home or away – read on to discover which is right for you!


For many generations, playing billiards has been a popular pastime. In order to play the game, all that is needed is a table and billiard balls. As the game has evolved over time, so have the rules, as well as the choice of different ball sets. One popular option is to use home vs away billiard ball sets. Home vs away ball sets allow players to choose their own colors and which balls they wish to use at either home or away tables. This adds another layer of competition and excitement to the game by ensuring that each player knows which set of balls they are working with. The standard set consists of 15 numbered balls in three colors – one cue ball and seven solid-colored “home” balls, as well as seven stripes-colored “away” balls. Using these colors makes it easier for players to spot their own groups of colored balls during play at both home and away tables, while still keeping it fair by making sure no player has an advantage over another when playing on different tables.

Home Billiard Ball Set Overview

Home billiard ball sets are ideal for casual, recreational playing. They are usually made of polyester or plastic with a smooth exterior and sometimes have numbers printed on them. The balls also come in different colors including red, yellow, orange, green, purple and light blue. Depending on the manufacturer, some sets may include an additional black or white cue ball along with the other seven numbered balls.

When shopping for a home billiard ball set it is important to look for one that is durable and has a glossy finish. A good quality set should be able to withstand repetitive bumping and striking without losing its luster or shape over time. Additionally, you want to make sure that the numbers are easily legible even when the balls collide forcefully during game play. Finally, you should double check that your set comes with all eight balls as needed by regulation standards including one cue ball and seven striped or solid colors with numbers ranging from 1 through 7 respectively.

Advantages of Using a Home Billiard Ball Set

Having your own billiard ball set for your home can provide some distinct advantages for users of all levels. Below are some of the main benefits of having a home set and how it can benefit anyone from novices to experienced players.

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Convenience: A home billiard ball set enables players to have quick access to play at any time. No need for reserving a table or worrying about reserved times or limited access to tables.

Durability: For regular players, having a well-cared-for quality home billiard ball set ensures consistent play conditions each time you practice or play against an adversary. Avoiding the potential wear and tear associated with public tables will ensure a more consistent game over time.

Versatility: Having your own ball set allows players to customize their game with different types and weights of balls, as well as pocket sizes that match their preferences as they advance in skill level and gain more experience. Being able to get used to one’s own playing surface can make all the difference in becoming an elite player when playing against more experienced opponents in tournaments on other equipment.

Cost Savings: Over time, the cost of keeping an up-to-date billiard ball set at home can save money compared to having to use public tables, where concession fees may be added depending on where you’re playing.

Away Billiard Ball Set Overview

Away Billiard Ball Sets are specially designed with distinctively colored cue balls and spots to create a unique table experience for each player. The traditional Away set includes all of the standard billiard pieces, such as 1 red and 1 yellow numbered cue ball, 7 striped and 8 solids, plus the aptly named away ball – typically a blue or black piece that is useful in setting up certain shots that involve side pocket details.

Away Billiard Ball Sets can give an advantage over their home table counterparts, as they can vary in size from small enough to fit inside cues cases, to large sets which incorporate specialty features such as innovative webbing or heavy feathering between balls. Furthermore, many modern models feature durable plastic construction with chrome finished details for professional grade play.

Advantages of Using an Away Billiard Ball Set

When shopping for a billiard ball set, consideration needs to be given to the differences between an away and a home ball set. An away ball set is designed for players that find themselves using different tables on a regular basis, while still needing to maintain their own set of balls. Much like having your own cue stick, having your own billiard ball set is advantageous in two key ways:

First, playing with your own brand of billiard balls ensures consistent weight across the board and makes it easier to know what reaction to expect from each shot. Different brands and models will respond differently based on their compositions, so if you’re traveling from venue to venue — especially between different countries — it’s best practice to bring a set of balls that you can rely on.

Second, owning your own ball set helps familiarize you with each individual ball’s size, shape and characteristics. When true accuracy is sought after on any table, knowing all these aspects about each and every one of the balls in your set has huge benefits. Additionally, this also reduces visual distraction from foreign objects that may have natural differences or unintentional imagery imprints (such as logos).

In summary, purchasing an away billiard ball set is advantageous for those looking to rely on consistency with multiple tables. Knowing what kind of reaction can be expected by each identifiable round ensures accuracy in play and limit possible distractions when playing away venues.

Home vs Away Billiard Ball Set

When playing a game of billiards, it is important to consider the type of billiard ball set that you choose. A home and away ball set can differ in many ways, including size, weight, and color.

Size: Home billiard balls are usually smaller than away balls with the measurements varying across sets. However, in general, the diameter of home balls is usually 2 1/16 inches while that of away balls is typically 2 1/4 inches.

Weight: The standard weight for a home or away set is 6 ounces but can also vary from one set to another. As a rule, players may opt for heavier sets for competitive games as they will be more suitable for break offs and aggressive shots.

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Color: Home and away ball sets are subject to much variation in both design and color scheme. Nonetheless, it is more common for home ball sets to feature lighter colors such as white to better distinguish it from the darker colors found on away sets like black or green.

In conclusion, when selecting a billiard ball set some key differences should be taken into consideration including size, weight and color pattern in order to find the most appropriate option best suited to your individual needs and preferences between home versus away sets.

When choosing between a home and an away billiard ball set, it is important to consider the type of game you are playing and what kind of table you will be playing on.

Away sets are more suitable for use on non-standard size tables where there isn’t much room between the pockets. Home sets may be more costly than away sets but offer a more uniform playing experience with a consistent feel when shooting shots.

Both sets have their pros and cons, but when it comes to quality and performance, home sets tend to outshine away sets due to their better craftsmanship. Whichever set you choose should best suit your style of play and table size as well as personal preference.


When playing the game of pool, players must use proper equipment to ensure an enjoyable and fair experience. Billiard balls come in various sizes, types and Materials. Two of the most common billiard ball sets are a home set, which is used in recreational games and an away set, which is used for competitive tournaments. The away set is more valuable and generally more expensive than its home counterpart. Here are some resources that can help you find the right billiards equipment for your needs:

-Manufacturers: Look into companies like Aramith, famous for their durable resin balls; Brunswick Billiards & Tables; or Paul Mottey’s Collection who handcrafts antique style slate tables with high-quality craftsmanship.

-Retail outlets: Many brick-and-mortar retailers like CUE & Cushion Publications provide comprehensive catalogs where you can view professional quality pool supplies such as away sets and other custom billiard accessories.

-Online retailers: Online suppliers like PoolDawg specialize in carrying products across many brands like Triangle Chalked Cues and Deluxe Handcrafted Pool Tables so you can shop for exactly what you need from the comfort of your home. Popular ecommerce stores such as Amazon also have a wide selection of both home and away sets available from trusted brands at reasonable prices.

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