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Apple executives recently announced some exciting new multitasking improvements, Quick Notes, Swift Playgrounds 4 and more, with the latest iPadOS 15 update. Staying up-to-date on the latest iPadOS 15 features can help you get the best out of your device.

This article will overview the new features released and discuss the most notable ones.

Overview of iPadOS 15

The newest version of iPadOS, 15, offers a range of new features and improvements designed to help users get the most out of their device. iPadOS 15 introduces an enhanced home screen experience, updated multitasking and productivity tools, improved dark mode, a new Photos app with AI-powered features, much faster App Store downloads and even more features to improve your device experience.

Home Screen & Widgets: With the introduction of iPadOS 15, you can now add widgets to your home screen that give you instant access to various functions from your favorite apps. You can also group apps into folders for easier organization.

Dark Mode: iPadOS 15 has improved dark mode experience with more options available for customization. Dark Mode allows you to switch between a light and dark theme and adjust accent colors throughout the OS provides a high contrast interface that makes it easy to use in low-light environments.

Multitasking & Productivity Tools: iPadOS 15 now includes new multitasking capabilities like Split View which allows you to work in multiple apps side by side. Additionally there are several productivity enhancements like an improved Files app which now supports multi- windows navigation that allows you quickly find documents across iCloud Drive and other cloud services while floating them across the display or docking them on one side in Slide Over Formatter. There is also Improved picture in Picture mode giving easier playback control and sizing controls, making it easier than ever to watch video content while working on another project adjacent on your ipad’s display.

Photos App & AI-Powered Features: The new Photos app comes with enhancements powered by machine learning which will help organize photos into collections based on specific criteria such as people or locations thanks to its auto tagging feature that incorporate machine learning technologies into its organization system making it easier then ever for users not only organize but find photos quickly .

App Store: Whether it’s full app downloads or small updates from existing applications iOS 14’s App Store has seen major improvements with full download speeds up nearly 8 time faster then prior version don’t have wait any longer as downloads are also perfectly synced so users don’t have start over in case of an interruption along the way.

Apple executives discuss new iPadOS 15 multitasking improvements, Quick Notes, Swift Playgrounds 4 and more

Apple executives have discussed the new iPadOS 15 multitasking improvements, Quick Notes, Swift Playgrounds and more. These new features are designed to make iPad devices more versatile and user friendly.

These iPadOS 15 updates will give users more options for multitasking and making the most of the iPad. Let’s dive into some of the new features in more detail.

Split View

The Split View in iPadOS 15 allows users to have two apps side-by-side on one screen, instead of having them switch back and forth. In addition, the Split View feature integrates spacing, sizing, and data transfer intuitively so that multitasking can be easily done.

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In Split View, a main app is opened in full-screen alongside a second app displayed as a column or row alongside the first. Depending on how it was initially constructed, this column or row will often take up approximately half of the entire screen. It is possible to resize this area by dragging its edges virtually or physically depending on device size when used with an Apple Pencil. Within each side are specific features related to the app being opted for; for example if adding photos from one into an email template that may be prompting for images in the other side.

In addition to making multitasking more efficient, if working with two apps that need more than just resizing, there is also a feature that allows parts from within Window 1 (or the main app) to be moved over into Window 2 (or vice versa). These pieces of information can include images and text but not copies of any element – due only allowing usage of one version at a time. All these improvements allow higher flexibility and overall productivity when running multiple tasks simultaneously on iPadOS 15 devices.

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture (PiP) on iPadOS 15 enables users to watch a video while working within other apps. This feature keeps videos playing in the background while switching between other tasks. In contrast, older iPads required users to exit or pause a video before switching to another app. Additionally, PiP mode allows you to adjust the size and position of the floating window if desired and pinning it to one corner of your screen for added convenience.

Picture in Picture can be enabled for most video apps on iPadOS 15. To enter this view, pinch out from the bottom left hand corner of any video playing full screen (you’ll see “Enter PiP” at the top) – after which you can move it around and resize it using your finger. The floating window will continue playing unless you press “Pause” or “Close”, after which it will return to its original location.

Ultimately, Picture-in-Picture mode is an incredibly useful feature that gives users more control over their multitasking experience and makes working with multiple applications feel significantly more seamless than ever before.

Slide Over

Slide Over is a great, easy way to quickly switch between tasks. With the all-new Slide Over feature in iPadOS 15, users can now slide over to switch between apps and multitask like never before.

Slide Over lets you quickly ‘slide’ an app window into view at any time on your iPad—even when using another full-screen app. Once you’ve ‘slid’ an app into view, you can swipe it away just as easily. And the best part? You don’t have to switch apps or juggle windows: everything stays neatly in place on your screen while multitasking, so you don’t lose track of open applications or interrupt your work flow.

You can also pick which app remains active while checking something else in Slide Over, simply by swiping up from the bottom of the slide-over window and selecting one of the options in the Dock panel that pops up for quick access to frequently used apps. That way, if you need to jump between multiple tasks quickly without having to close or reopen windows each time, Slide Over is a great option.

Quick Notes

Apple executives have recently discussed some of the new features of the iPadOS 15 release. One particular feature is Quick Notes, which makes taking notes easier and more convenient.

Quick Notes is an iPad-only feature that allows users to quickly jot down ideas, take notes on documents, and organize them all in one place for easy reference. We’ll look at the details of this feature and how it works below.

New Note-Taking Features

iPadOS 15 introduces several new features that are designed to make note-taking a more efficient and fluid experience.

First, there’s the new Split View support for Notes. This allows users to view two notes side-by-side for quick comparison or to quickly jot down ideas. The feature works with both our Pencil and your finger so it’s easy to use.

There’s also a new Quick Note shortcut that lets you create a note quickly without opening the Notes app. It lives in the Control Center so it can be accessed anytime with just one swipe down. The Quick Note feature includes all the text formatting options of traditional notes so you can add titles, bulleted lists, links, images, and more without needing to switch apps or hunt around for different tools.

Apple has also added support for converting handwritten notes into text using their AI technology as a bonus. This will make searching through your notes much easier as well as allow you to edit any sections that were not correctly converted.

Improved Search

In iPadOS 15, Apple has improved the spotlight search bar to make searching your iPad easier. That means that you can quickly enter a keyword from the home screen and find an app, media files, documents and more in record time. The search results are also more accurate now; it considers recent searches and trends on your device. This ensures you always have the most up-to-date results at your fingertips.

Additionally, Siri has been updated with new natural language capabilities allowing you to ask questions like “What movies are playing near me tonight?” or “Show me my emails from last week” and get tailored answers or recommendations immediately. You can also use image recognition capabilities in the camera app to identify objects; this uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and identify animals or items in images making searching much easier.

Finally, integrated dictation can speak directly into a text field without manually typing your words.

Swift Playgrounds 4

Apple executives recently discussed new iPadOS 15 features during a virtual event. One of the key features discussed was Swift Playgrounds 4, Apple’s coding platform for kids. This new version of Swift Playgrounds comes with an improved UI, expanded lessons and tools, which make coding even more accessible and exciting for younger users.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Swift Playgrounds 4.

New Features

Apple iPadOS 15 brings some exciting new features to Swift Playgrounds. With the addition of the new Graphics APIs and UIKit Support, users can now create more immersive playgrounds. The Syntax Highlighting feature makes it easier to quickly identify elements like strings, integers and variables – color-coding provides quicker comprehension. In addition, support for Auto Layout enables developers and creators to build user interfaces that automatically adjust based on the device they’re running on.

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Additionally, users can access basic debugging tools through the console view available in each playground. Finally, they can use a newly implemented app template system to quickly provision a fully functional iPad app with customizable styling. With these powerful new tools, developers can quickly iterate over their code, uncovering potential errors before publishing their work.

Improved Performance

The power of iPadOS 15 gives Swift Playgrounds a performance boost, making debugging faster and quicker than ever before.

iPadOS 15 supports high-performance tools like Metal for complex graphics rendering and coding, making debugging animations simpler and smoother.

With an advanced rendering engine that supports powerful visualizations, developers can quickly identify issues and make changes to their code faster.

And with its improved object tracking, users can better understand what objects their programs are currently operating on with clear visual cues.

Finally, Swift Playgrounds 4 supports other third-party APIs like MapKit and SceneKit. So you can easily create even more sophisticated game scenes, no matter what platform you’re coding on.

Other Updates

Apple executives have embraced the opportunities and benefits of creating the new iPadOS 15 for users. Along with the improved multitasking capabilities, Quick Notes, and Swift Playgrounds 4, several other updates to the iPadOS 15 release exist.

This article will discuss many of the new features and enhancements of iPadOS 15.

Improved App Library

The App Library is a feature introduced in iPadOS 14 and has been further improved with iPadOS 15. It’s a great way to organize your apps and make it easier to access them when you need them.

The App Library now includes several categorization options for organizing your home page such as Social, Creativity, Entertainment, Games, Newsstand and more. You can also search your apps using Spotlight Search, manually rearrange the display order of your apps in the library and hide apps if you don’t want them appearing on your home page.

In addition to these new features, Apple has also added several improvements to the App Library such as a more intuitive view of what each folder contains, an improved layout for reading long lists of text in folders more easily and faster access for updating certain types of apps like widgets or iMessage extensions. With all this in mind, it’s clear that Apple aims to make navigating the various app libraries easier than ever.

Improved Home Screen

The home screen on your iPad can now be organized how you want it with all-new features for iPadOS 15. For example, widgets are now accessible from the home screen, allowing you to quickly access important information without opening an app. Your favorite contacts can also be displayed in new stackable widgets, so reaching out is just a tap away. In addition, with iPadOS 15, you can add more of your favorite apps to your home screen with simple drag and drop gestures.

The app library also gets a makeover with the new update — think of it as a smart folder that stores all your apps so they’re easier than ever to find. And don’t forget about App Clips — a new feature that allows you quickly access lesser known apps and services when needed, without causing clutter on the home screen. With iPadOS 15, staying organized and in control of your experience on the go has never been easier!

Improved Safari

Apple made a big push for changes in Safari in the iPadOS 15 system software. This includes new features such as better tabbed browsing, allowing users to adjust where their tabs appear when using split-screen and picture-in-picture mode. In addition, the buttons for regular, reader and private browsing have been reorganized into a much more intuitive arrangement.

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Other key updates include extensions, which allow websites to add custom tools and services directly into the web browser. In addition, improved privacy settings help protect your personal information online by notifying you when a website attempts to track your activity or gain access to sensitive data. And users can now streamline their online searches with quick website suggestions appearing below the search box as they type.

These enhancements are just the beginning of many more exciting updates that iPadOS 15 will bring regarding improved user experience features from Apple’s Safari browser.

Improved Files App

One of the standout improvements in iPadOS 15 is adding many Windows-like capabilities to the Files app. The updated Files App allows you to browse files and folders on your local device and external drives, drag-and-drop files between folders, tag files with color labels and annotations, preview content within a folder before opening it, quickly access recently used items, search for content quickly and easily, use powerful metadata searches to find specific documents regardless of location, connect your device to other people or networks via AirDrop or similar protocols.

It also includes integration with Google Drive and Dropbox for cloud storage integration. This new version of the?Files App adds considerable power for users who need more robust file management on their iPad.


Overall, iPadOS 15 is a welcome improvement that brings the iPad closer to becoming the ideal device for media consumption and content creation. The clever additions and refinements to the operating system create an experience that can revolutionize how users interact with their tablets.

The new Widgets, Split View and Picture-in-Picture focus on productivity and multitasking, allowing work to get done faster and easier. And there’s also an emphasis on protecting user data through improved security features.

No matter how you use an iPad, it’s clear that iPadOS 15 has something for everyone. For experienced users, it offers powerful tools and features to streamline their workflow;. In contrast, new users can use the polished design interface to quickly get used to the platform.

We look forward to what Apple will bring in subsequent updates of iPadOS 15. But, in the meantime, explore these features of iPadOS 15 yourself now!

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